Seminar cost:

$300 for the 15 hour Basic seminar 
$575 for the 30 hour Premier seminar (usually offered in the summer/fall)
This includes: Instruction and textbook

Private tutoring: 

$50 per hour for you alone

$40 per hour for you and a friend

$35 per hour for you and 2 friends

Attendance at all sessions of the seminar is highly encouraged. Students may be stronger in some areas than others and only desire instruction in their weaker areas. We encourage students to work on improving all areas of their test score because improving their strong areas will have an impact on the overall score as well.


For example, if Joe scores 25 on Math and 17 on English, he may feel that he only needs to improve the English score. However, if he works on both subjects and his math improves to 29 and English improves to 21, his cumulative score will increase more than if he just improved the English score. Improve the stronger areas as well as the weaker areas...that is a great way to reach your Great Goals!