Thought I would let you know, Rachel improved her score from a 23 to a 28.  Thanks much for your assistance helping her on this achievement.   Paul M.

Hi Penny,
Just wanted you to know Joe was able to raise his score from a 27 to a 30!!! We are thrilled with this. He is thinking he wants to take it again but we are hoping he reconsiders. Thanks for your time & enjoy your summer.  KB (parent)

Thought I would let you know that Lexi went up 4 points on her ACT! Thanks for your help

Penny -
I just wanted to drop you a note to say "Thank You"!  After taking your ACT prep class, Jacob increased his test score from 25 to 28.  He had nothing but good things to say about your classes, the material you covered, and your style.  Your prep course gave him a lot of confidence going into his second attempt.  He's giving it another shot here in June to see if he can reach his goal of scoring 30.
Thanks again!
Best Regards,
Brett (dad)

Just want to say thank you for the time spent with JT to help him prepare for the ACT test. We appreciate all of your time and hard work.  Again,
Thank you,

Danielle just got her score online and is soooo excited. First thing she said was “oh my gosh I have to tell Penny”.  She is still planning to take it again this fall, but this is a great first time score.  I paid to have her test answers sent to us to aid in studying and help her with what areas to focus on. Julie & Danielle

Our daughter XXXXX got her ACT score today and she is elated!  This was her 3rd attempt at the ACT & after taking your prep class she scored a 20 or 3 points above her February score of 17! Her goal was a 19 because it's the required score to be admitted into the Nursing Program at Anoka Ramsey CC program. Thanks for helping XXXXX to achieve her awesome score!

Again we want to let you know what a wonderful instructor that you are. Mitch got 4 points higher on his ACT test this time around!!! We are so proud of him and again he is shown that hard work DOES pay off! Thank you for a job well done!  L&S  Elk River parent

Hi Penny- Thank you so much for your excellent teaching skills! M.H.  thought the class was great! I did hear from a couple of other moms and their boys thought it was awesome! I did speak with Ashley this evening and I asked her what her thoughts were and she learned a lot and was very satisfied with the class. So all I can say is “Thank you” this is the response only after the 1st night! WOW! You provide much hope for these students that want to excel at the next ACT Test! Thank you for having a heart for these kids. ~S. Elk River parent

Hi Penny, Just wanted to let you know that Cayla got her ACT results back, and that she is pretty happy with the score. Her math score went from a 24 to a 27, she’s attributing the increase to your help. D.D. Blaine parent

I just wanted to say THANK YOU   Marcus got a 27 on his ACT.  S. T.

Ms. Carda,
We just got an e-mail notice that we could get (daughter’s) ACT scores.
Her composite score is 27
English 30
Math 23
Reading 25
Science 30
Combined English/Writing 28

When she took the test at Huntington Learning Center, her composite score was 23 and her math score was 19.  The English score was 25 and science was 23.  The other scores were the same.  They wanted $4000 and 40 hours of instruction time.

We are very happy with the instruction she received from you. She improved in so many of the categories. Thank you for that and keeping it affordable.
Please keep us on your mailing list. Our (younger daughter) will be taking the test next year and we will want to enroll her in your program. ~ Andover parent

Hi Penny,
I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in helping (son) for the preparation of the ACT test.   He received his score and his last score was a 19 and his new score is a 22.  It did help him to improve and I am thankful for that.  I just wanted to let you know and that I appreciate all that you have done and just wanted to compliment you on your organization and all your efforts to help (son) out.  Thank you again,  I will let others know of your tutoring for the ACT and hopefully send more your way in the future.  You have a very nice day.

Yes,  you can absolutely use what you need for your website.  You have a wonderful Holiday season.   I will keep you on my contact list and will provide referrals.  Thank you again. ~mother of October 2011 student

Good morning!
RJ got a 31 on the test on 4/9 and a 32 on the test on 4/19!  She was very happy!  She also got a 35 on the writing section.
We think the class did help her to maximize her score.
Thank you!

Thanks Penny!  Carter thought the time spent last night was valuable so we were super happy about that.  Keep up the GREAT work!  :)

Our daughter AB got her ACT score today and she is elated!  This was her 3rd attempt at the ACT & after taking your prep class she scored 3 points above her February score!  Her goal was a 19 because it's the required score to be admitted into the Nursing Program at Anoka Ramsey CC program.
Thanks for helping AB to achieve her awesome score!

Hi Penny,
I am cleaning out my inbox and wow is it ever full!  I came across this message from you and thought I’d let you know that Grant was very pleased with his results…he got a 27!   Thank you for helping him get the score he so desperately wanted.  He is forever grateful.  He plans to take it one more time in October to see if he can improve just a little more. (shortened email)